Looking for the best moving service here? Try Demar Moving.
When you are planning to pick-up or drop off furniture, finding the best quality movers is essential. Choose Demar Moving services for your delivery needs.


Besides helping you with relocating your entire home or office, Demar Moving is a moving service Montreal that is proud to offer a host of delivery services to our loyal customers. There are two major types of delivery services you can choose from – personalised delivery and retail delivery.

Expert Delivery Service

Did you shop for a large furniture piece at a great sale and do not have a way to bring it back to your home or office address? Drop your worries today and give us a call! Demar Moving provides you the option of pickup and delivery of furniture items for Montreal moving. You can depend on our highly skilled crewmembers to take good care of your new purchase so that you can install it in your home or office in no time at all. With competitive rates, our delivery service includes a scheduled pickup at the shop, loading onto a heavy-duty truck and bringing it right to your doorstep.


Retail Delivery

At Demar Moving, we look after the needs of both homeowners and retail companies alike. We are excited to work with retailers in the area to ensure a speedy and quality delivery service for all kinds of orders. Retailers are always trying to cut down on delivery time at affordable pricing, and Demar Moving provides exactly that! You can rest assured that we will take the latest measures to protect and safely deliver your products into the hands of the customer.

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