Need quality moving service Montreal? Check out Demar Moving.
Moving day can be overwhelming and you need movers that know what they’re doing. See Demar Moving services for expert moving services backed by experience.


It’s a big decision when you choose to move, and here at Demar Moving we strive to make your move efficient and budget-friendly. Whether you are looking to move your office or residence, Demar’s reliable professionals will cater to your every request. Besides the standard service we offer for every moving project, our trained team will assist you with the wrapping of heirlooms and furniture with top-notch packing materials, disassembly and assembly of any furniture around the house, and utilise rubberized floor runners to make certain there are no damages to your flooring. If you are anxious about large items that will not fit into any standard boxes, do not sweat it! Our trusty professionals are happy to help with customised crating where needed.


Consult with our experienced staff for a thorough understanding of the requirements for your Montreal moving to run smoothly. Firstly, we will evaluate your valuables and other items, then provide you with a free estimate. No matter how many things you need to move, Demar transport has a range of packaging and crating options (i.e. moving boxes and bins between 2’ to 4’) to give complete protection to your belongings during the journey. Trust us when we say you are in good hands with Demar transport, as you can avail a host of additional services along with moving when you are setting up your new home.

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